Frequently Asked Questions 

On this page, we will try to answer the most common questions asked by students regarding Hunter Education Classes.  Click the question below to see the answer.

Q. Should I be concerned if I didn't get a confirmation e-mail about my class?

A: If you signed up for the class and saw the confirmation page that said you were registered for the class, don't worry if you didn't get an e-mail. Occasionally e-mails get delivered to a spam mailbox, or are simply not delivered at all. It's all good, and you can still attend the class. If you'd like some help on how to whitelist our e-mails, so you can get them in the future, we've got some info for you here.

Q. Are there separate classes for youth and adults?

A: No, it is the same class for both. Many classes have a wide age variety in students.

Q. Should I take the "Internet Assisted" or "Traditional" course?

A: The Internet Assisted courses allow a student to take some of the coursework online, usually leaving one day in an instructor-supervised environment. The Traditional course has the student spending more time with instructors, covering the material usually in a day and a half or two. In most cases, total time expended are similar. Whichever option you choose, time and convenience should be secondary to the maturity and experience of the student, and how they learn best. You can find more detail about the course types on the KDWPT site, referenced under the question "What if my question isn't answered here", below.

Q. What is the cost for my class?

A: Any cost should be listed in the class details. Most classes have no cost to the student. It is possible that a host venue may have a facility fee that would be directly charged to the student, but it is rare. If none is listed, you won't be expected to pay anything.

Q. Will meals be furnished at my class?

A: Not if the class details don't say so. Usually if a lunch or dinner break is scheduled, students will be expected to furnish their own meals.

Q. What should I bring to class with me?

A: Nothing, unless the instructor has specifically asked you to in the class details. Obviously food as discussed above, drinks, or needed medications will be allowed.

Q. Can I bring my cell phone or other electronics?

A: Unless you are an emergency worker on call, any possible distractions including phone calls, texts, or games are expressly prohibited. Leave the games at home, and the phones turned off or in the car. Silent isn't good enough, your instructors and fellow students don't want to see them, hear them, or otherwise know they exist.

Q. I have scheduling conflicts. Can I be late or leave early as long as I pass the test?

A: Sorry, no. Passing the test is only one of the requirements for certification. Both legal requirements and class structure dictate that complete classes be attended in order to be certified. Please do not register for a class until you are certain you can attend the entire time.

Q. Is child care provided?

A: Unless it is specifically stated in the class details, almost certainly not. Please make other arrangements.

Q. Will my class let out right at the listed times?

A: Probably not. This is because each class is different, and depending on how well a topic is absorbed, instructors will adjust to assure the students are understanding the information they need. Most of the time, it's pretty close, but allow a little grace there please.

Q. My child will be eleven soon after the class, can't a certificate be issued?

A: Sorry, no, this is a matter of law. The student must be at least eleven years old by the last day of the class, or they cannot be issued a certificate. Some instructors will allow younger students to attend, but they will have to retake the complete course after they turn eleven, in order to be certified.

Q. Can a parent or other adult attend the class with their student?

A: In some locations, space can be tight, so there are exceptions, but generally yes, we love to have parents there (although it is not required). If the parent also needs to earn their Hunter Education Certificate, you can register and test yourself. Please though, if you will not be testing for your own Certificate, do not register for the class.

Q. I've lost my Hunter Education Certificate, so can I just retake the class?

A: Please don't. You and your certificate are in the system, so retaking the class to get a new one will create confusion, and may cause problems later. You can get a duplicate certificate by contacting KDWP. If space permits, you may sit in on the class, and even test if you like, at the discretion of the instructor. But, please let them know that you cannot receive a new HE Certificate.

Q. I registered but cannot attend the class. What should I do?

A: Please follow the link on your confirmation form (you should receive this via e-mail) to remove yourself from the class. We would appreciate it if you would do so quickly, as classes are usually full, and any no-show will take a seat that someone else would benefit from.


Q. Why is it so important that legal names be used?

A: The student is trying to earn a state-issued certificate, which has a legal status, much like a drivers license. Legal names are required by law. If this or anything else is incorrect on your registration, please make corrections via the link on your confirmation form (you should receive this via e-mail). If for some reason this is missed, please ask the instructor when you come to class to correct the issue.

Q. I have reading problems, and am concerned about the test. What can I do?

A: Instructors see this all the time, and are happy to help. In most cases, an instructor or helper will help the student through the test, making sure that the questions and possible answers are understood. It is still up to the student to select the correct answers. In most cases, instructors will ask if anyone needs assistance with reading, but it won't hurt to let them know in advance of the need.

Q. My child has behavioral problems, can they still attend?

A: Yes, although we would appreciate it if you would speak with the instructor regarding the issue in advance, or at check-in. It would probably be best if you would attend with the student, as you know the best ways to keep the child on track. Obviously a student disrupting the class for others must not be allowed to do so, and your instructor would rather work with you to meet your child's needs than have to ask them to leave. If the issues are severe, or related to a diagnosed condition, please see the answer to the question below regarding students with disabilities.

Q. My child is old enough, but may not be mature enough. What should I do?

A: This is an important thing to recognize. If the child has problems sitting for long periods, understanding and absorbing concepts and information, or paying attention, it might be best to let them grow another year. Frequently, a parent or other adult will tell a child "I'll take you hunting if you'll get the certificate", which places the emphasis on the card, rather than the learning. The content of the course can be very beneficial for a student's entire life, it would be a shame to waste the opportunity before they're ready.

Q. Are accommodations made for students with disabilities?

A: Absolutely, and the best way to assure that special needs are properly addressed is to communicate directly with the Hunter Education staff at (620) 672-0773. Please call as far in advance as possible before you'd like to take a class, to allow time to best serve the need.

Q. There are no upcoming classes listed for my area. What can I do?

A: The majority of classes occur from August to October. There are others throughout the year, the best answer is to keep checking back. If you live in an area where classes are rarely offered, and have several students who wish to take the class, you might contact the Department via their web site (link below) to see if a special class might be arranged. Hunter Education classes are almost exclusively arranged and taught by volunteers, so please understand and be patient.

Q. Will I get to shoot in my class?

A: Maybe. In some areas, live fire is possible, in others it is not. Your instructors will arrange the class to introduce students to needed skills and concepts as time, resources, and local laws allow.

Q. Will this class give me everything I need to know to be an "ace" in the outdoors?

A: Not a chance. We'll introduce you to things that you'll have to work hard to master over many years. Our goal is to give you the basic things you have to know, and help you get started. Where you go from there is up to you.

Q. I'm trying to register, and am having problems. What can I do?

A: We've tried to make easy and friendly to use, but once in a while, something on a machine just doesn't play well with an app, including this one. If you're not getting to the screens you need, try a different browser (perhaps Firefox or Chrome), or even another computer to register, and see if the issue goes away (99% of the time, it will).

Q. I would like to help or provide resources for Hunter Education classes. How can I do this?

A: Great, we appreciate it! If you would like to become an instructor, you can find that information via the link below. If you would like to donate food, drinks, space, or other resources, use the contact link from that page.

Q. I would like to host a Hunter Education class.

A: That's great! Contact the Hunter Education staff at (620) 672-0773. They will talk to you about the options, and work to connect you with an Instructor who can help you.

Q. How do I become a Hunter Education Instructor?

A: See this link:

Q. Can I donate equipment for Hunter Education Use?

A: Instructors are always looking for demonstration equipment. You can speak to any instructor, or contact the Hunter Education staff at (620) 672-0773.

Q. What are the laws regarding Hunter Education?

A: See this link:

Q. What if my question isn't answered here?

A: Check the KDWP web site here: of good information is there. If there is still a question, a contact link is provided. Department staff are happy to help.

Q. Is this site safe from hackers?

A: The site is designed with security in mind, and follows industry standard practices to protect data. It is not hosted in such a way, and does not use authentication methods such as those we use for sites that accept credit cards and other, more volatile personal information. You will notice that we do not ask for anything other than telephone book type data for this reason.

Q. Is this site maintained by the state?

A: No. was built and is maintained by instructors, trying to help other instructors and their students.